Testimonial: Branden Robinson

Thanks Tramain for helping me become a better football player. I just finished my eighth grade year at Covington and we had a nice season, finishing 7-1. I can't wait to start lifting weights so I can get bigger and stronger for my freshman year in 2013. Remember, you told me I could lift weights once football season was over. "I'm there!" - Branden Robinson, Covington Middle School   … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Ty Freeman

Tramain & Tori, Ty is a 7th grader at Covington jr. high fighting for playing time on a very talented 7th & 8th grade combined unit/team. Last night Ty had a 55 yard TD run and an interception as well, after the game he and I spoke and he said “ Dad I really see how the extra work pays off”. He is starting to understand that all you do is only as good as the effort put forward. Thank you both for helping him realize this point !!! God bless you both The Freemans Jim & Ty … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Khaleal McCormick

Throughout my years of playing basketball, people always criticized me for my lack of aggression. Since working out at Enhance U, my game has been elevated to an entirely different level. Going into my senior year, I felt myself playing with a new found confidence. The work I did at Enhance U during the off season helped prepare me for my senior year, and equipped to play with more physicality and aggression during the season. My new found confidence allowed me to step-up and start taking … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Cristina DeSaro

When I started with Tramain Hall I was 70 lbs. heavier. I could not run 1 step in front of me.  I now run miles, while conditioning and weight lifting I have managed to keep the weight off, gain muscle, and continue to lose weight.  At 42 years old, Tramain continues to train me and is now training me for a National Kick Boxing tournament.  My mind, body and soul has never felt better! Cristina DeSaro … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Trevor Miller

Throughout the time and hours of intensive training, I have changed mentally and physically. Every day I'm waiting for the time to go to Tramains. With playing football, basketball and running track, it helps me in every aspect. Trevor Miller - Covington Middle School … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Cindy Hall

Personal training is a lifestyle change, not a temporary means to get healthy!  Tramain and the Angels make up the perfect Chemistry to help me reach that goal.  They are part of my family.  They keep me motivated, know my strengths and weaknesses, and keep me challenged when I feel weak.   When I’m in the gym I forget about everything else, it’s a great stress reliever!  Personal Training is not just about weight loss..it’s really feeling healthy inside. …Enhance U does that for me! Thank … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Shontelle D.

When I first started training with Tramain at Enhance U, I was close to 300 pounds, 266 to be exact.  I met him through a mutual contact as a personal trainer.  I didn't particularly care for the fact that he is a former NFL player, because our training reflected such! It was hard, I struggled tremendously, I just hated it! We were asked to try rigorous activities derived from his NFL training.  I sweated, and sweated and sweated! Then, it got easier.  Wow, I was able to hang with the other 4 … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Malik Adams

The Enhance U program has changed my life forever. The program helped to push me to my limit and beyond. It has shown me that “I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to if I’m willing to work hard for it”. I made up in my mind my freshman year of high school that I wanted to play college football. I told many different people that I would make it but they just laughed at me, which only motivated me more. I went through high school getting progressively better each year, but I hadn’t found … [Read more...]

Testimonial: A.J. Ouellette

I was looking to add to what our football team already does in our lifting and conditioning program and Enhance U was exactly what I was looking for. I have increased my speed, strength, flexibility, quickness and explosion through Tramain's program. My improvement has shown drastically in the off-season lifting and conditioning with my coaches and teammates and our coaches have already started implementing some of the Enhance U techniques. Enhance U is the best program for anyone looking to … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Branden Robinson

Enhance U is awesome. I can't wait to train because it is fun and everyone I work out with trains hard. I play football, wrestle and run track at Covington Middle School and Tramain has helped me to be a better athlete. I have told my friends about Enhance U and I even talked to my two sisters about it and they train there too. Thanks Tramain for making me better. Branden Robinson - Covington Middle School … [Read more...]